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E.I.P.Ltd was contacted by a large International American Oil company concerned with excessive vibration on three of their gas compressors installed in a desert oil field. These machines were visibly shaking to such an extent that pipes were fracturing and the machines were shutting down. These machines were vital to oil production and therefore this problem had to be overcome.

Drawings of the fabrication of the compressor and motor skid were e mailed to E.I.P.Ltd. who after studying the drawings recommended filling the void spaces in the section of the skid supporting the compressor with Chockfast Red.

This would add mass and bond the structure to the concrete foundation thereby creating an inertia block.

Fill holes had to be cut in the deck plate and special hoppers fabricated to allow the final pour to be poured through one side of the compressor plinth and to ensure the Chockfast made full contact with the underside of the top plate. Vent holes 3mm diameter were drilled through the top plate to allow air to escape and also provide a witness that the Chockfast had completely filled the structure.

Chockfast Red was selected as it has a low exothermic reaction that will allow pours of up to 400mm deep at ambient temperatures of up to 40C in one pour. The internal depth of the skid was such that the total fill had to be poured in 5 layers.

To complete the installation Chockfast Black was recommended to support the Compressor sole plates.

The recommendations were accepted and a contract was drawn up for the supply of the material and supervision of the application.

In due course Mark Huggins and Ron Haseldine attended the site and supervised the emplacement of the material over an eight day period. When the first compressor was run there was a dramatic reduction of vibration and it was difficult to tell the machine was running without actually touching it. A subsequent vibration survey verified the reduction in vibration.

Our customer was very pleased with the result and the procedure was repeated on the two remaining machines.