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Chockfast Black

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Chockfast Black was used to carry the full weight and the clamping force of the total foundation bolt tension of an MAN 7K60 MC bio fuel engine installed at Beckton in East London. The engine is the heart of an energy project that will use fat and oil from the London sewage system together with the spent cooking oil from restaurants and fast food outlets all over London to fuel the engine which will generate electrical power.

The engine was manufactured by H.CEGIELSKI POZNAN S.A. based in Poland. They also undertook the installation of the engine which entailed having to build it on site due to its large size. E.I.P.Ltd won the order from HCP to supply and install the Chockfast Black which was carried out by a team of four E.I.P.Ltd technicians.

The work was carried out during January 2014 in some of the worst weather conditions of the winter. High winds ,driving rain and then freezing temperatures were all encountered. Large diesel burning space heaters were used to dry the steel foundation and condition and cure the poured Chockfast Black.

Once the Chockfast Black had cured the overpours or ”headers” were removed with cutting discs to allow the large steel side chocks to be fitted.

The complete operation was carried out over a nine day period which included two days curing and two days to remove the “headers”. Engineered Industrial Products Ltd. honoured their contract with HCP to the letter.

Mobilising when requested at very short notice and completing within the exact time scale they had quoted.