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Other Products Available from UK Marine Resins

ITW Repair Compound


ITW Polymer Technologies’ REPAIR COMPOUND is a two component epoxy paste developed specifically for filling, smoothing and fairing applications on metals, plastics (FRP), wood or masonry. The smooth consistency and excellent non-sagging properties of REPAIR COMPOUND make it unexcelled for leveling rough or pitted plating, forming fillets, smoothing weld seams, etc.. REPAIR COMPOUND Is nontoxic and contains no solvents. Excellent resistance to the the following, (and many more):

  • fresh water,
  • salt water,
  • crude and refined oils,
  • gasoline,
  • jet fuel.



MecLev Adjustable Steel Machinery Mounts


The MecLev is a recent development focusing on all sectors and industries where large machinery and engines need accurate alignment – from shipping to mining and metalworking, and from petrochemicals to the transport sector.

The MecLev comes into its own where other products stop. The careful thinking behind its design puts this chock miles ahead of the field.

UK Marine Resins - MecLev Adjustable Steel Machinery Mounts


  • Kelseal Sealing Compound
  • Flexdam Foam Rubber Damming
  • Non melt grease
  • Mixing Blade
  • Aerosol Release Agent
  • Aerosol Spray Adhesive
  • Metal Damming Strip