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Welcome to UK Marine Resins Ltd.

UK Marine Resins (Incorporating EIP) Ltd is the sole and exclusive UK distributor of the ITW Performance Polymers range of epoxy resin machinery grouts and repair compounds.

With unrivalled experience in this field we are well placed to offer solutions and advice for all your needs.

The company is based in Poole in Dorset and all materials are stored in our onsite warehouse.

Our Products

UK Marine Resins Ltd are the UK distributor of the ITW Philadelphia Resins industrial range of Chockfast® epoxy resin.

We supply and install many epoxy resin products to work in a variety of conditions for many solutions.

World Wide Chockfast installations

Onsite Installations

We cover the world with our installation and supply services as well as serving the whole of the UK.

World Wide Chockfast supply

Excellent Logistics

We are able to supply our epoxy resin products and adhesives via our network of logistic partners.

Chockfast has been in usefor over 50 years and is proven to work.

Tried and Tested

Our range of epoxy resin products have been used for over 50 years and are proven to work.

What is Chockfast ®

CHOCKFAST ® is an engineered epoxy chocking material that is used to cast-in-place permanent machinery supports for all sizes and types of main engines and marine auxiliary equipment. Because it conforms precisely to any surface profile, CHOCKFAST ® eliminates the machining of foundation and mounting surfaces as well as the fitting of the old-style steel chocks.