Chockfast® Red

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General purpose, high strength deep-pour grout for new installations, quick turnaround retro-fits and fast, convenient, quick-cure foundation construction.

Will provide excellent vibration damping for static and dynamic loads plus permanent monolithic support with precise contact between equipment bedplates and underlying concrete foundation.

  • Chemically resistant, low dusting epoxy grout.
  • High compressive tensile and sheer strength.
  • Compatible with concrete and steel thus eliminating risk of bond-line cracks.
  • Equipment can be washed down with water.
  • Low exothermic reaction.

Cure time: Up to 48 hours at 15°C 60°F

Single pour: 30mm – 500mm


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We are the UK distributor of the ITW Philadelphia Resins industrial range of Chockfast® epoxy resin.
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