Chockfast helps to prevent Cliff Richard singing

Chockfast helps to prevent Cliff Richard singing
Project ID: Chockfast 003
Project Type: Chockfast Orange
Project description

Chockfast Orange was used extensively to create a good fit between various items of equipment installed on the trusses of the Wimbledon Centre Court closing roof.

After aligning the equipment with jacking screws the resulting gaps between the equipment and the steel trusses were tapered and
varied widely. This made it extremely difficult to fit steel shims and therefore Street Crane Express the company who built and installed the roof elected to use a pourable epoxy resin.

Chockfast Orange was selected and a team from Engineered Industrial Products Ltd. carried out the application over a 3 – month period during the winter of 2008 – 2009. Despite working at height and in cold windy conditions the work went well and was completed on schedule without any mishaps.

As everyone who watches the annual Wimbledon Championship on television is aware the roof has prevented rain stopping play on several occasions and of course not given Cliff Richard the excuse to sing!